I Would Like To Present MySelf

Me, In Morocco.

Hello, Website Visitor. I would like to know you name, but i don’t.

I’m Marco (Mark) Caggiano, from Italy, Torino (which is in the North West part of Italy, a little unknown fortunately).

In this precise moment, i’m temporary living in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I’m a curios guy who likes to travel, read, doing business, marketing, hacking. I have a lot of interests and hobbies.

I like GOOD food and GOOD music. I mean life is too short to drink bad wine and beers, eat bad food and do bad things in general (except for good bad things).

My “hometown” is Torino.

Torino is near where the first computer where invented (“Programma 101”, in Ivrea, by Olivetti).

It is also famous for being the city where FIAT and first cars where invented, parallel to FORD.

FORD and FIAT where the first companies in THE WORLD to produce cars. If the italian economy wouldn’t be so difficult compared to USA economy, we would be BETTER than California actually; but things didn’t go in that direction, unfortunately. We are changing things in Italy, things seems positive. We do our best.

Torino is also famous for “Vermouth Wines”, the invention of Sandwich/Tramezzino and Aperitif (called “Merenda Sinoira” there), gianduja (which is chocolate with nuts), very good and expensive wines and truffles like Barolo (actually Barolo is made near Alba, but Alba is very near Torino), the second world’s largest Egyptian Museum, the worldwide Ice Cream Company “Grom”, Eataly was invented in Torino also, and lot of other good stuff.

Torino was also the main center of the “Union of Italy”, the creation of one italian state 100 years ago more or less (Italy was divided in A LOT of different “Reigns”).

In few words: it is a pretty interesting city, which, for now, i love.

Despite of that, i really like to travel and i ended up travelling the all world, visiting for now 27 different countries and i lived in 4 different countries. I’m a long term traveller, but i also like to have an home where to return sometimes.

What I Do

Deep Market & Niche Search

I will search if your business has a potential market and what this market is interested to, so you will be able to advertise your potential customers better. I will also tell you if your business is a potential success, or a potential fail.

I Will Build A Website For You

I Will Build A Website For You

I Will Do Facebook Ads For You

Do you feel like you are not converting, you are spending too much money, or the Facebook Ads Panel is like walking on an alien planet ? I’m here for that ! I will create and manage campaign for you.